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The Health Benefits of Joining an Association

By Andrea Celli

Over the years, research has found a correlation between trust and health. People who trust their neighbors experience less stressed and report feeling better. Studies also show people with strong interpersonal contact appeared to live longer.

Having someone near that you can trust with an extra key in case you lock yourself out or who can pick up your papers and mail while you are on vacation offers more than just convenience – it’s good for your health. There are also many studies pointing towards the correlation of community wellbeing and the physical heath of individuals. Social activities like walking together, playing a game, sharing a glass of wine, and learning about local history - all give richness to our lives.

Join The Greater Loudonville Association! The GLA is a non-profit organization of neighbors committed to building, supporting, and sustaining community ties in and around Loudonville, Newtonville, and Menands. In addition to supporting each other, the 250+ GLA members support the beautification of the neighborhood (like those flowers on the Loudonville gateway triangle), community events (like the Gazebo Family Holiday Sing-A-Long), the annual HS student scholarship, and the preservation of the unique character and history of this amazing area in its newsletter, The Elm Tree. It's a perfect start! But don't stop there, get involved! Plant flowers, write articles, offer your expertise or organize events. Get to know your neighbors and meet "your people" (moms? runners? readers? singers?). Don't wait - Start today! Your neighbors, the real, caring, and very interesting people of the GLA are waiting to meet you too.

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