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New GLA Member Spotlight: Meet Raji Bouchard

How did you find out about GLA?

I’ve been looking for local organizations or neighborhood programs to be involved in but never made a firm decision on any. At a party came to know few of my neighbors/friends are involved with GLA it became easier for me to make the choice.

What motivated you to become a member of the Greater Loudonville Association?

I really like what the GLA stands for, its values and its support towards the community. What do you hope to receive and contribute from being a member?

An opportunity to meet and learn from the people in the community whom I would not have had a chance to meet otherwise. This is the neighborhood in which I want to grow old in together with my husband, Brad. I would like to volunteer and participate in the community programs that not only help protect the history of Loudonville but also make it a Safe Haven to live in for diversified groups.

Please tell us about you and your family.

Brad and I came to live in Loudonville in 2017. We are IT professionals working for the State of New York. I work for the Office of Parks and Recreation. I am originally from Southern India. I originally came to USA for studies. I have my Masters in Business Administration from Oklahoma City and a Masters in Information Systems Management from Seattle. Brad is from the Colchester/Burlington area of Vermont. He is a computer major from SUNY Albany. We have 2 mutts that were rescued from a shelter. Scooter is a socially oriented dog and Yash is a environmentally oriented dog.

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