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High School Seniors Apply Now to Win $1,000 Scholarship

This $1,000 prize is in memory of Leslie F. Couch, a charter member and past president of the Greater Loudonville Association (GLA) whose spirit of community service and volunteer activism inspired the formation of this prize. It is intended for a Town of Colonie resident, graduating from high school, who exemplifies volunteerism and whose contributions have benefitted the community.

This application must be returned to the GLA no later than April 1, 2021. Please note that families of the GLA Board members are not eligible. This prize will be awarded at the Annual Meeting of the Greater Loudonville Association in the spring.

1. List your community involvement and the number of hours involved in each activity, and for how many years you have been doing this activity.

2. List your school involvement (i.e. student government, music, drama club, etc.).

3. List any significant achievements that you feel have shown perseverance, leadership and/or versatility.

4. Submit three letters of recommendation from teachers or community leaders.

5. Briefly explain your future plans. What your volunteerism has accomplished and how it has affected you.

6. Include your address and telephone number.

Please submit your application on separate paper by

April 1, 2021 and mail it to the

Greater Loudonville Association


P. O. Box 11144

Loudonville, NY 12211

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